LaRuka Hostel - Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Whether you are a travelling duo or just want ONE NIGHT away from the sounds of strangers snoring, we have affordable private rooms for any budget.

We have two spacious and colorfully painted private rooms with a shared bathroom for $30-46 USD or 16,500-25,300 CRC a night.

Or, if you want to go all out, we have another spacious private room with private bath and a balcony overlooking our backyard jungle paradise. This room is available for $46-60 USD or 25,300-33,000 CRC a night.

We have three dorms available, with a combined total of 22 beds. Each dorm room features its own private bathroom, with a hot shower, and a locker for your valuables.Single bunk: $10-12 USD or 5,500-6,600 CRC