There is something for everyone

With the wide variety of daytime activities, there is sure to be something for everyone who passes through this slice of Caribbean paradise. From white water rafting, ziplining,  hiking through the rainforest, and coming across species you may never get the chance to see again,  to horseback riding the beaches and enjoying the sunset over the canopy of the jungle;  there is something for everyone to do!

At the center of Puerto is the legendary Salsa Brava wave where surfers from around the world come looking to catch this right hand reef break that can hold 12 ft (4m).  Not to that level yet? No worries…The variety of beaches here offer you a chance to surf at any level.


The unique collision of ocean and jungle creates an extremely biodiverse ecosystem unique to only this part of the world. Being home to the largest population of Sloths in the world is just one of many unique characteristics of the area that sets it apart. Riding bikes through the village you are most likely to hear the deep roars of the howler monkeys as they playfully swing on the trees overhead and you may even see a sloth and her baby hanging on to one of the cecropia trees on the edge of town.


National Park: Would you like to adventure into the depths of the jungle and see sloths, monkeys, crocodiles, butterflies, snakes and much more? Take a day trip to Parque Nacional Cahuita, only 25 minutes from the hostel by bus.

BriBri Waterfalls: Do you want to explore the riverside jungle trails leading you to waterfalls in the jungle? You can even take the hike a little steeper and climb to the top of the waterfalls to discover the natural pools if you visit the  Bribri waterfalls. With a bus taking you most of the way, it’s only a short dirt road trail and you will be on the path that takes you across rivers and through lush vegetation to a beautiful waterfall, great for a refreshing swim.

Horseback Riding: Looking for a more relaxed afternoon spent enjoying the views from atop of a horse? You could be adventuring through the dense jungle as well as galloping some of the most majestic beaches in the world, the horseback riding tours here offers all of the above.

Snorkeling: How about a day spent in the water diving into the underwater world of one of the last living coral reefs in Costa Rica. Grab a snorkel and head to Manzanillo to dive in and explore the beautiful Costa Rican water for yourself.

White Water Rafting: Looking for more adventure? Do you love the adrenaline rush of a rapidly flowing river sweeping you along the rapids as you go exploring through the rainforest? Check out the Pacuare river. No other trip in the country offers such a perfect blend of wilderness exposure and excitement, all in one day.


Night Life: Follow the loudest music in the air as you walk through town and that is where the party is. It may be Lazy Mon as a DJ or live band takes over the stage on the edge of the water, or it could be Tasty Waves down the road where everyone gathers to enjoy drinks over a massive bonfire. Every Sunday there is a barbecue at Mangos Bar where you buy a drink and get a burger! If you would like to catch up on the latest game, grab a bite to eat, dance around a fire, or hang out and have a few Imperials with the locals, Puerto always has something exciting going on, and a few surprises too.

Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area have so much to offer and we would love to help show you!  You could spend the day lounging about on the beaches, walking around discovering blend of town and jungle life, and enjoy Costa Rica’s unique rainforest adventures.

La Ruka Hostel offers bike, surf board, and snorkel rentals. Grab a bike, grab some gear and head down the road towards Manzanillo. You can stop at all the great beaches along the way and experience for yourself, what makes this place so special.

For longer journeys, we can recommend transportation options and help set up tour packages. Check with us at reception if you want to plan a day trip from La Ruka Hostel.